Custom shower build and tile installation

Our highly qualified specialists will perform the build and tile installation of walk-in showers from scratch, at an affordable price, and in the shortest time possible.

We can create a custom walk-in shower space of any form, size and design

We can bring any ideas of your imagination to life

Our team guarantees highest quality shower and your full satisfaction

Floor and wall tile installation

Is it your life-long dream to have beautiful, durable, and waterproof tiled floors or walls, in the bathroom and kitchen? Or beautiful accent tiles around the fireplace? We are here to make all of your tile dreams a reality.

Tiled kitchen backsplash

  • Will add character to any kitchen.
  • Will elevate the design and value of your home.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

Tiled fireplace area

  • Tile around the fireplace is the perfect stylistic addition.
  • Will add a beautiful accent to any interior.
  • Non-flammable and easy to clean.

As we know, kitchen and bathroom floors are the heaviest traffic areas in any home. As tile is a natural and waterproof material, it is the best solution for these living spaces. Most importantly, tile can last a lifetime.

You’ll never go wrong with beautiful, natural tile. There is a lot of room for creativity, experimentation, and innovation in the design of a tile project–and we will gladly bring your vision to life.

Electric floor warming system installation

You don’t need to endure freezing tile floors in the coldest months. With an electric floor warming system, your newly tiled floor can be warm and comfortable even in the winter. With this modern system, you can set any temperature you want for every part of your home.

  • You can enjoy your tile flooring worry-free all year round
  • It frees up space usually taken up by floor heaters
  • More efficient than traditional radiators–save up to 15% on heating bills!