Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy, convenient and cost-effective for homeowners to get premium-quality hardwood floors, laminate floors, LVP floors or tile installed in their homes. We achieve this mission by providing outstanding customer service in Hardwood Floors, Tile, Laminate or LVP/LVT Floors installation and Hardwood Floor refinishing. Using superior materials, working closely with our clients to establish the vision of their dream floor and, last but not least, providing accessible pricing for any of the flooring services.

Our vision

We envision a future where all homeowners can enjoy the benefits of having beautifully installed and maintained hardwood floor, laminate/LVP floors or tile floors and staircases in their homes. We believe that having expertly-crafted hardwood flooring and stairs in their homes will not only allow our clients to feel satisfaction and pride in their living space, but will also increase the value of their home over time. All of this are making LUKS the #1 floors company in Washington and Florida states.

Our Values

Hardwood floor and laminate floor installation and refinishing, Boca Raton Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale FL


Every member of LUKS Construction hardwood floors installers and hardwood floors refinishing teams takes great delight in their work and strives to deliver faultless workmanship on every hardwood, laminate/LVP or tile floors project they complete. We treat our clients’ homes as if they were our own and never call a job ‘done’ until we have made ourselves and our client proud of the beautifully installed and finished hardwood, Laminate/LVP or tile floors and stairs.


We know that any kind of home renovation, especially hardwood or laminate floor installation and finishing, is bound to be a stressful experience for the homeowner, which is why we strive to do our work as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining a high standard of quality. Our goal for every project we take on is to finish on time and on budget. You always can trust the best hardwood, laminate, LVP or tile installation company – LUKS Construction LLC.


The hardwood floor that we install are not purely functional, but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of our client’s space. For this reason we are dedicated to understanding our client’s vision and presenting a variety of choices that will complement and uplift the space they are used in. Hardwood floor is always the right and the best choice for flooring coverage and you can always trust your hardwood flooring project to LUKS CONSTRUCTION.


Hardwood floor has the potential to last a lifetime if it is correctly installed and maintained, which is why it is considered a smart investment in every home. To add value to our client’s investment and ensure that the hardwood we use goes the distance, we source and install only the highest quality raw materials and finishes, ensuring that clients will enjoy the benefits of their beautiful hardwood floors for many years to come.

Hardwood floor and laminate floor installation and refinishing, Boca Raton Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale FL